? UMACO Australia Pty Limited - Environment

At UMACO Australia, they understand that exploration and mining cannot be conducted without impacting the environment and the communities in which they operate. Their policy is to ensure those impacts are minimised as much as possible and that ecosystems and local communities are not only protected but can also benefit from their operations. The Company designs facilities to use the best available environmental engineering practices including low-emission energy and water reclamation techniques. Environmental monitoring systems will represent a key part of the engineering design to ensure that water storage facilities will include wildlife watering stations and a dipping tank that can be available for use in fire suppression. UMACO works with all stakeholders in the area to achieve environmentally friendly, sustainable development of the natural resource endowment. The mine modelling techniques of UMACO focus the train of production and processing by using pressure systems. Discharged processing waters are followed by downstream extraction of the precious metals before returning clean water to the production face. This method keeps a clean environment as it removes the Heavy Metals that cause both Environmental Protection Agency and public concerns, and the Company has a unique environmentally friendly Gold extraction process that uses naturally occurring solutions instead of cyanide to recover the Gold.