PROJECT No. OZ105-151

Within the proven ore reserves of this hard rock underground Gold mining project, and as defined by the Australian JORC code 2012 Edition, are 67,693 troy ounces of Gold, and probable reserves of Gold calculated to be 145,678 troy ounces. Above the 900 metre plunge there are 406,255 troy ounces of Gold within inferred resources. Deeper down below the 900 metre bulk plunge, inferred resources are projected to be 9,662,710 troy ounces of Gold from 28,350,000 tonnes of ore. The plunge is in the broader bulk Gold signature at depth, integrated along intersecting planes of auriferous horizons. The total of all Gold in this mine is estimated to be 10,282,336 troy ounces from 30,621,000 tonnes of ore.

The Gold reefs are typically about 3 metres, but can be up to as much as 15 metres thick; with an average thickness of less than 0.9 metres. The main Gold reef is 5 kilometres across the strike, with the North Reef up to two kilometres long. The project site is certified by acquisition and agreements lodged with the appropriate department of ‘lands and tenures’ office of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources. It is duly registered by deed in containment by UMACO as a paid and verified project of UMACO.

Please see Reserves and Resources for more information.