? UMACO Australia Pty Limited - Research and Development

The Company has a policy statement combining research and development. “Both in conjunction with the CSIRO and independently, UMACO will continue to invest in research and development to progress innovations and techniques, along with methodologies and technologies, which may improve the productivity, competitiveness, safety and environmental impact of the mining activity that the Company is involved in. Successful research and development produces new technologies that reduce production costs and enhance the quality of mineral commodities. At the same time, it also helps to reduce any adverse environmental, or health and safety impacts often associated with the mining industry. As they advance in fostering these areas of research and development on new technologies in exploration, mining, and mineral processing they and their investors benefit from supporting work in this sector. The resulting benefits may accrue to consumers or producers and communities near the mine operation. Research and development is also extremely important to the Company because it can improve the cost effectiveness of mining jobs, and thereby reduce project costs.”