? Technology and Innovation - UMACO Australia Pty Limited


The Company has no competing interests regarding the restriction of physical Gold accumulation and sales, as it is saleable at any moment in time through the Australian Government refinery and cash metal account. While there are lines of companies that compete for the high value Gold domains, the Company does not compete directly with these as the Company has its own resources held in exclusivity from the competition and endorsed by the instruments of title that support UMACO. The UMACO production method is very unique. The system methods segregate the competition, given the Company not only has diversity but also multiple levels of extraction through production automation and recirculating atmospheres that no other competitor can match. It is this uniqueness, along with the exclusive ownership of the UMACO Superior Production and Extraction Facilities [‘UAPMT’] system that defines the Company, giving it a competitive edge advantage on Gold extraction. This results in a low cost producer status, as with the use of fully automated mobile production and processing systems, collectiveness, speed to market, mode of rehabilitation, and the use of an electronic eye on the depth of ancient mineral profiling, their competitiveness is accentuated.


Competitors use cyanide and carbon extractions extensively. Competitors also use numerous other reagents and buffers, whereas UMACO’s own “Recovery Process” does not require competing active reagents or recirculating carbon within their circuit. The Company has proprietary process technology called UMACO Gold Process Limited Lixiviate [‘UGPL’], also known as the UGPL Process; that liberates precious and base metals from alluvial process waters and may be suitable for hard-rock applications as well. It is designed to utilise High Density Separation and Particle Acceleration Diffusion in a Non-Cyanide Mineral Extraction disaccharide solution on amenable ores. The UGPL is a unique environmentally friendly Gold extraction process using naturally occurring lixiviate solutions instead of cyanide. As UMACO are 25% less capital intensive than cyanide processors they do not require to use Carbon regeneration plant and a myriad of other process support mechanisms. UMACO requires 27% less physical maintenance, has fewer employees focused on maintenance issues, and has greater control by automation. This is a benefit to the investors as the increased efficiencies reduce the production costs.


The new technology UAPMT being used for the production facility, is fully automated robotic production with long wall excavation modelling. The facilities contain a UGPL Gold UMACELL Process, in combined centrifugal and gravity circuits with downstream high-tech process water ion exchange particle acceleration. This results in faster recovery, greater income, and minimal environmental damage as a result of using an enclosed recirculating reticulation processing circuit. It is the first alluvial Gold non-solvent processor to extract HM ions before recirculating the water back to be used again in the production unit.

The Company will be utilising Ground Penetrating Radar to complete high security “Intelligent Electronic Spatial Vertical Eye” [‘IESVE’] penetration into unchartered grounds within their resources. This will enable subterranean visibility for below ground metal exploration, to visualise the interior beneath Company workings, and reflect data for future ore profiling of sediments above the basement rock to depths of 100 metres.