Australia’s Newest Technological Gold Miner

“UMACO is Australia’s Newest Technological Gold Miner”

It has prolific Gold projects that lay within the largest Gold belts in Queensland Australia, stretching across the Queensland northern Galilee to the southeast Bowen Basin. With an immediate focus on developments within the Leyshon Gold corridor of Charters Towers, the company has a mesothermal ore body containing Queensland’s highest grade intersection (6m up to 1340g/t Au) extending from the largest and deepest Gold chamber in Australia defined by technical reports at depth.

The company’s broader interests, spreads across Northern Queensland bound by ancient buried Post-Neoproterozoic’s Palaeo channels and deep leads. Their Northern districts projects encompass Pentland to Georgetown, and Palmer Gold Fields in breathtaking magnitudes of 33,000 square kilometres under the gravity of their size and capacities consolidated in forecasts and analysis.

The company's mineral arm is overwhelmed with high quality resources visioned on established criteria delivering beyond a billion cubic metres of known significance to date. All projects are supported by sound methodology and geotechnical models unique to their independence. Their surface projects are two (2) established massive opencast longwall bulk material alluvial developments containing identified acute low grade Gold deposits, based on essential criteria for world class average Gold grade recovery.

These projects are constructed geotechnically on an insitu run of ore in ‘low gold grade control’ supported by high grade industrial mineral deposits, that when processed are designed to accumulate bulk material and compounding Gold. This process is repeated into reduction cycles which upgrade into super-grade concentrates, in turn, delivering ounces per ton of concentrates, which are in direct contrast to traditional methods of production and recoveries.

Current exploration projects assessed define over 2,000,000 Oz Gold with an additional magnitude of Gold and industrial minerals and rare earths known and qualified to exist. Resources are identified to contain over 30,000,000 Oz Gold.

Please see Reserves and Resources for more information.

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Newest Technological Gold Miner