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Chaimae Houmirat - UMACO UCOVALE Advisory Team

Chaimae Houmirat - Senior Regional Manager, Investments

Chaimae Houmirat is the Senior Regional Manager for Investments representing both UMACO and UCOVALE in North Africa and the Middle East, she is highly experienced in Investment, Finance, Strategic Business Development, Relationship Management and Negotiations with High Net Worth Individuals and Government Officials.

Chaimae’s experience started from Morocco as a Graduate of Management Techniques and Human Resources Management also more recently in the United Arab Emirates entering the investment field where she developed a remarkable network and created business opportunities for different parties coming from different parts of the world.

She, also, is concerned about the social economy and human development, by working on and designing mega project strategies to be applied in the countries, with a higher need of work opportunities for the local workforce. Her Vision is to help these societies to build a solid independent economy. In this vision she provides professional advice to universities by coaching the freshly graduated with ideas of projects to meet their road in the investment field and by creating a global network platform of project holders/investors. As a woman, Chaimae also works on building a solid network of most powerful and influencer women in the societies to establish a feminine economic influence.

The above experience allows Chaimae to provide a unique and global perspective and foster opportunities /cooperation creation in the field of investments for the private and governmental sectors.

Currently, she is working with UCIC Legal.

Godfrey Rametsi - UMACO UCOVALE Advisory team member

Mr Godfrey Rametsi – Entrepreneur


MG FORCE, is a construction company he built on his own from strength to strength. His journey started as a truck driver, transporting hazardous chemicals around South Africa, a job that gave him a lot of experience in logistics and has excellent knowledge of South Africa.

He worked in the automotive industry where he gained technical knowledge and experience. He left to focus on MG force constructions. He has the knowledge and experience to source valuable workers for projects. As a construction specialist, he has been involved with numerous projects in South Africa.

With a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Godfrey will bring a great contribution in logistics and organization with the various companies and projects for UMACO MASTER HOLDINGS SOUTH AFRICA.

Shirley Rametsi - Umaco Ucolvale Advisory team member


Shirley is a director of UMACO MASTER HOLDINGS SA (Pty) LTD and has 22 years' experience in Public Education. 13 of which she spent as a Senior Manager performing various managerial tasks. She is highly experienced in human resource management, human relations and organizational psychology and she has worked with various government departments in her dealings with socio -economic issues facing the education and the learners in South Africa, she is highly adept in her knowledge about the challenges that face her people on a daily basis.

With an Honours degree in Training and Development and her passion in people, she is greatly experienced in training, facilitation and management.

These skills will be invaluable in UMACO MASTER HOLDING SA, given the diversity of the country and the community at large, her extensive involvement with local communities also comes as a benefit for a company that aims to improve the lives of young and upcoming entrepreneurs.


Diene Thaio

Founder of SENG-HOR POLSKA (Pty) Ltd and SENG-HOR HOLDING (Pty) Ltd, Diene has joined the board of UMACO MASTER HOLDINGS SA (Pty) LTD as a director. He has a strong spirit of entrepreneurship. His vision with these companies was to bridge the technological gap between African developing countries and European countries by helping African entrepreneurs to access funds and transfer of technology. While developing his companies in Africa and Europe, Diene dealings involved the business of minerals, like Gold creating a great network, with African small and middle size mining companies.

He has built a strong network throughout Africa with African Business People and Governments. He is a multi-lingual specialist in Industrial Automation with a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology. He is also a holder of an Executive MBA and Marketing diploma from HEC Paris.

He has a professional 14 years’ experience in working in International groups like L’Oréal and COFATECH SA in Senior Management levels and 15 years of running his own business. This has given him the opportunity to work in a diverse environment, different countries (Poland, Greece, South Africa, and France) where efficiency, quality, safety, Protection of the environment, pragmatism, flexibility, adaptability, diversity and reactivity are key words to the business.

Diene has participated in many ISO certifications as Auditor or Auditee like ISO9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 and Good manufacturing practices and has a comprehensive understanding of working in highly explosive conditions (ADF). Diene is also a writer and a public speaker in Ancient Egyptian History Forums. 

His main contribution in UMACO will be to carry on development of small and medium size mining African mining companies by transferring technology, which will expose them to international standards of mining and Protection of the Environment and by organizing them into Consortium that can be easily integrated.

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Francis Cordoliani

Francis Cordoliani is a developer and a networker with a banking experience of more than twenty-five years in several European financial institutions (Groupe BPCE, BNP, Société Générale)

He worked primarily in the retail market as a product manager and then in the entrepreneurial sector in charge of commitments. Francis Cordoliani also worked as a development consultant for several real estate and industrial groups in the construction sector. (Progimmo, Imneo, Oceanis Promotion) and renewable energies (Mecamidi, Hydroneo, Hydromobil Group).

He initiated innovative commercial strategies in France for the real estate sector and West Africa for the industrial sector.

Expert in interpersonal and group communication, he has built effective networks focused on the concept of production and performance.

He is also a man of vision and has initiated the project of world water agency alongside Paula Salgado who has promoted it to UMACO.

His maxim "In terms of being human, we gain time to lose. If we agree that this is why we waste precious time, we have to succeed in our business".

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Karim M. Kotb - Senior Regional Manager

• Accounts Manager in Construction field
• Treasury Analysts/Manager in Real Estate firms
• Accounts Manager in Automation field

Working in the Finance and Investment field where he developed a remarkable network and created business opportunities for different investors and projects holders coming from different parts of the world. He is also concerned with working on designing a structure for mega projects to be applied in several countries which helps in improving the local and international investment cooperation strategies and the economy.

Karim has ten years of experience in business administration, finance, investment, strategy and ultra high net worth individuals' relations in the Gulf and Middle East regions.